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The Vacuum-cleaner

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I went to do the vacuuming a few days ago but to my horror, upon opening the cupboard door, I found that someone had beheaded,  executed, decapitated, topped, guillotined, killed our vacuum cleaner by amputating it head off. leaving it dead, for who knows how long just sitting in the cupboard. It's neck hung upon a hook dangling, limply, lifelessly, droopily, motionlessly, unconsciously, insensibly,  it was totally and utterly unresponsive. Never again would our vacuum-cleaner faithfully serve us. So I decided to locate its murders.

In the end no one was interested in revenge on its murder. So I used my magic dust to bring it back to life and set off to conquer the floor fluff with it.

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  1. Where does one get this 'Magic Dust'?

    1. Ah If I gave away that secret, everyone else could make it too and the dust, would no longer be magic......