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The Missing Puzzle

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I opened up the box and then taking out the plastic bag I tipped its contents onto the puzzle board. Hmm this is strange. I thought to myself. This puzzle should have more pieces in it that have only one colour on them and some of the pieces should be completely white (when they are the right way up). It didn’t though. Most of the pieces looked more orange coloured.
Never the less I started flopping flipping over all the 1000 pieces, until there were no more white pieces.
“I have a strong feeling that this isn’t the same puzzle as is pictured on the box.” I said too no one in particular.
When the edge was done I was sure it was a different puzzle. It looks like a forest with a sunset and trees, but then I did more and the sunset was starting to look strange. Next I decided that the puzzle went the other way up.
“The picture must be of a path or river through a forest in autumn.” I said decidedly.
It is progressing excruciatingly very slowly, and sometimes I think that it does look more like a sunset that turns into autumn trees, but it probably is a path.

It is a very blue sky like path. Or maybe something else.........something out of this world, something that someone photoshopped!  I also searched the spider web for pictures that could be it, but I found none that were even similar. It was a brand new puzzle! In the wrong box! It is driving me crazy; it’s one of the hardest I have ever done, except I haven’t done it .......yet.

Maybe I need to use my magic-dust to put it together.  O that didn’t work! Is there such thing as a puzzle putting together app? Maybe I should invent one, each piece could have a thing inside it and then when...........Well that still won’t help me do this one!

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  1. Trust me. Puzzles are too evil for Magic-Dust. Especially the larger ones.