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Holiday to Adelaide 28th, 29th

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Tuesday 28th May

Spent today doing, well, nothing, I have written some stuff (mostly random) and read a book – Perelandra (Voyage to Venus) by C.S. Lewis- which I really enjoyed, I have eaten food and walked around the garden reading because I had had enough of sitting down! I only walked into two things and only tripped over once, though I hit my foot into lots of things. I sat in the billy cart and used my legs to push myself around while reading. My legs were so sore from sitting in the car all the day before. Also my sisters and I listened to Daddy reading part of “The Return of the King” from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Wednesday 29th May

Today we drove to Tooleybuc. I was driving when someone first saw the wild emus. We were all pretty excited about seeing wild ones. They were more scraggily looking but it was fascinating seeing them wild.  Note: do not look at emus while driving car. Another time when I was driving we came upon a flock of around two thousand sheep, right in the middle of the road of course! I was driving slowly, very slowly. Sheep are definitely stupid, they run along next to the car, then all cross over in front of it then do the same again. One tiny, baby lamb got left behind by its mother and walked along the road right in the middle in front of me. Note: lambs walk very slowly. I stopped and finally it got off the road and I proceeded SLOWLY through the sheep.

We stopped at the next town (if it was big enough to be called a town) and Grandpa shouted us some chocolate coated, vanilla ice-creams.  We went for a short walk and then Daddy said I could keep driving, so I got in the car and turned the key. Nothing happened. We had a dead battery and no jumper-leads. Luckily for us the corner store Grandpa had just bought the ice-creams from, lent us some to start the car with. Later I swapped with Mummy (without turning the car off) and we kept going, but then we needed petrol and the petrol station had no jumper-leads...... So we filled up with the car still running. Apparently the reason you are meant to turn the car off, is not because an explosion may happen, but just so no one drives off without paying!

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