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From the Dark Side, and Blog Ramblings

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Well it seams that my sister Alice has decided to switch to a blogger blog. She is coming over from the dark side! Her new blog is Hope in Our Saviour. Farewell to old WordPress forever...Fare well to her old posts as well....fare well to the.....ok I'll stop.. Well maybe not farewell to WordPress entirely,but blogger was designed for blogs. Blogger is better, even if it is only because I use it. There are also no ads on blogger, unless one chooses to put them there.

Speaking of blogs... I have also changed mine a bit. The header looks heaps better now, in my opinion anyway. When I had put that on though I found that the background now didn't fit in with my colours. So I tried changing the background... and then tried to change it back and it didn't work. Then I decided it liked it plain purple better than with a photo... for now anyway.

I also added some more tabs which actually link to pages on my photography blog. Speaking of that, I made a header for it in Photoshop..... Photoshop is really bugging me. If anyone knows of any good introductory tutorials to it please tell me. I can find so many tutorials on how to make all these effects but not on any of the things I want! Google even failed to tell me how I could load a photo on to it... but obviously I did eventually work it out.

And for anyone who is interested this screen shot shows my blogger dashboard... and how many posts I have done and how many page views. Which, I suppose is obvious for anyone with eyes as long as the photo loads.

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  1. I don't quite understand the 'Farewell to old WordPress forever' part. It is not as though I am not already maintaining two other WordPress websites...

    1. I did have the word 'entirely' there.

    2. Or to be specific "not entirely".