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The Driving Test

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I was nervous, well who isn't? Being a perfectionist does not help. The worst part was probably waiting to start the driving test. The waiting is the agonizing part. Waiting for today....waiting to go the the RTA....waiting in a seat at the RTA ... waiting.... I got into the car with the testing officer and then drove away. Well actually I turned on the car and waited for another car to park in the RTA car park before I could go. Luckily they give you directions as you go along like "turn left at the next road" and they point left. "continue straight along this road".... "Turn right at the next set of traffic lights". The lady did occasionally sound a bit like a GPS giving directions. 

I did a curbside stop fine. Then I had to do a reverse parallel park behind a van. I almost did it perfectly, I just scraped the edge of the tire along the curb, but was not touching it when I finished so that was fine. I once didn't leave the full five second gap between me and a car that had right of way, I am used to having take any gaps like that coming out of the road I live on, but I should have waited that time. And one other thing was one of the times I had to turn onto the highway, I decided to go after this truck....but it turned out to be a really slow one, and I should have gone before.... so I had to wait even longer. 

We eventually got back to the RTA office....I parked and went inside..... and hoped....I thought I'd passed....then the lady (who was a rather friendly lady) smiled and said I had passed. PHEW, thanks to all those who prayed, I very much appreciated it. Then I signed this green page and was all done

See that lovely tick in the PASS box. S stands for speed P for road positioning and D for decision making. The circled were where I need to improve but as can be seen there are no fail items marked. I passed. My dad said "congratulations" and asked if he could text Mummy then he said  "Well you are an evil P plater!"

Hmm I don't agree with that but anyway, well not the evil part and not the stupid driver....being a stupid driver is... stupid. Like the driver who when I stopped at a set of traffic lights dodged around me and went through the lights that by that time had gone red. Then of course I had to get a photo taken for my new license and get some P1 plates. They wanted us to take heaps like last time but I still had about 10 unused L plates and I had actually gained an L plate that my brothers had picked up beside the road.... they actually picked up 2 P1 plates and a P2 plate a few days ago. For some reason we get heaps of them falling of cars just down the road from our house. I also have a bit worse for ware magnetic P1 plate that I also found on the road.

 Now we need to insure the cars, well one of the cars, for having a P1 driver. We currently can't decide which one though. To progress further I need to hold my P1 license for 12 months and then pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). But that is a while away. Now I can drive with a trailer and drive without someone else in the car..... which is rather a scary thought!

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  1. Congratulations! Now you get to drive ̶C̶r̶a̶z̶i̶l̶y̶ Sensibly all on your lonesome!

    1. Thanks *rolls eyes* Ps wont make me any more crazy than I am. The thing I'm worried about it getting lost.

    2. *Shocked* Lost! You don't think you would get lost do you?!...

  2. Congrats Clare!
    I still don't have my Ls but I'm working on it. ;D
    Have fun driving!

  3. Thanks for the congrats everyone... now I just need to drive without crashing the car... because we have decided not to put extra insurance on them so I can drive both. I don't think it is likely that I will, well that is why we have chosen not to put extra insurance on them.