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Awkward and Funny

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When I find something somewhere obvious, in fact in a place where I and others have already looked for it, and it has been missing for months….

When someone tells me to do something and later I remember they asked me to do something but can’t remember what that something was…

When hanging out the third or fourth load of washing and running out of space on the line…and running out of pegs…and not running out of washing that needs drying. 

When I type my password wrong so many times I get locked out.

When typing a password that I have just made and am trying to use it to log in and I keep being told that it doesn’t match my email….. Then I realise I spelt Gmail wrong…..gmali… twas the email address that was wrong and not the password...

When opening the fridge and I drop an egg so fresh that it is still warm… and there is quite a mess.

When we all get into the car and I look to see if any doors are open…. The lights are not on…. The keys are in….the battery is flat…absolutely, completely flat.

Being used as a demonstration in a first aid course for how to whack a casualty that has a complete obstruction (choking) well that was ok but then the instructor had me laid over her lap and was whacking me…showing how you can do it for smaller people… uncomfortable and …… awkward….. and I’M NOT THAT SMALL (maybe she didn’t mean it like that…but maybe she did)…and an insult to my dignity….a very great insult...she is lucky she didn't die.

When I am reading the ingredients on a tin of tuna and in bold letters it says ‘contains fish’ I think humans are devolving…into something that is rather over defensive or stupid…..

When I am carrying one end of a heavy table, that is made much heavier by my sister Jane sitting on it, and I can only just lift it off the ground, a bit of carpet is caught by the leg and lifted up and I trip over it and the table crashes into it and the floor and Jane is tipped off on me… and we laugh 

Walking around the house and realizing I still have my hair done up in a towel.

Frantically getting ready for church, as I am singing and we had to get there early for practice. Only when I am walking up into church do I remember that I have not brushed my hair since I washed it the night before… good thing it is naturally wavy and rather crazy so I don’t think anyone though it looked bad.

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  1. Oh the number of times I type gmali instead of gmail.

    A tuna tin containing fish? Something smells fishy here...