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Flowers Blooming by the River

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A month or so ago I did  a post on flowers I had found. Here is another. I took all the photos on boxing day down near the Hunter River. I expect most of the flowers are weeds, but they are pretty.

After running around finding all the flowers I did a bit of canoeing with everyone else. Most of the time I just hid under a tree from the sun and watched animals creeping around. Fish made circular ripples that waved out and out until they mingled with other ripples or came to rest on the banks. Some fish jumped right out of the river their scales glistening for a second before they disappeared into the brown depths. Two young turtles surfaced with just the tip of their noses out of the water. Just under the surface their legs paddled slowly. 

Many small life forms and mosquito fish also shared the water. On the bank lizards plopped into the river at my approach. Bugs and creepy white millipedes crawled around me. Mosquito hovered, only one succeeded in getting a meal the others in the vicinity were strategically dispatched with numerous slaps. Bright red dragonflies folded their crystal wings to rest on green rushes. Tiny birds darted above my head. I even stood so still that a pair of willy wagtails alighted in the branched of the willow above me.

Some of the flowers are obviously garden escapees and others thistles, they way they were growing like mad all over the sand made them look more weed like.

What flower is you favourite?
What did you do on Boxing day?

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  1. Those are beautiful flowers! I can't even choose a favourite, they're all so uniquely beautiful. :-) Great post!