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The Truth About Blogger Awards and Tags Revealed

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Hey y'all!.... wait I unsay that, that is what Americans say and I have no idea why. I shall just say 'greetings to one and all' ...which has nothing to do with my being Australian, and everything to do with how I am feeling at this exact moment. Well I have recently been awarded the ummm I think I shall call it The Wasteland Tag and drop the word winter because...well it is summer...

Thankyou to Clara from Reasons To Smile for awarding me the tag that inspired this post the 'Winter Wasteland Tag' which is essentially the same as a blogger award. And now for a piece of interesting information Clara got awarded this by Julia Ryan over at Writing For His Glory. And she actually made up this tag! So you can all blame her for it!

to quote Julia "I've made up my own tag! I am getting sick of doing the same things while the snow keeps on falling."


So for the rules......its pretty simple. You share on your blog 5-15 things to do in the winter when you are board. Then you just need to nominated 5-10 bloggers for the award. 

But.... it is Summer and I do not get bored. I assume bored is meant... and not board which is the flat sort.... and the sort that Clara said.... I shall assume for sanity's sake that we are talking about the feeling bored and not that you are flat board. And I shall stop talking about it before I get so confused that I need a hole bored in my head to relieve the pressure.

If I don't know what to do...well that is a rarity in itself... Even when we go other places I make a note to take a book with me everywhere. So if I have time I can read and not if worst comes to worst... that (worst comes to worst) is only if I happen to finish the book, and there be no other for me to read...... in which case I do nothing except grow my patience.... which is a good thing to do. 

See so someone randomly decided to make up an award tag and then it spreads...... just like a disease....

Since I just love changing things I will change the rules.... my excuse being to make them more applicable to the wasteland tag. Along those lines though, in Australia... at least here in Australia.... as least where I live (I will eventually get to the point...or more likely a few points, if I don't forget what they were before I get to them.)  Summer is the season for staying inside and hiding from the weather. Winter is so lovely and cool and the season to be outside in the nice warm sunlight. It can feel as if we have a bit much warm sunlight in Summer.

See lovely warm sunlight.....

Now I will list some summer things to do: 1. Stay cool and don't overheat, or get sunstroke or dehydrate. That would make everything a lot worse. A trip to the beach may be nice.... if you like swimming in the ocean.... an not just cook on the sand like I end up doing. There is the wonderful invention called a pool, and a sprinkler. I quite like the sprinkler or hose. I wouldn't swim in dams though as they may not have much water in them... and just boggy mud. But of course it may even be to hot to go out.

2. I shall assume you have no schoolwork to do so the next thing is umm..... House work.... surely there are tones of jobs your mum would love to have done..... you know have the oven, stove and microwave cleaned..... or that shelf that always gets missed in the general dusting... or even the computer keyboard. (just unplug or turn it off first, to avoid any unforeseen drastic happenings resulting from keyboard shortcuts being pressed)

3. Don't you have any hobbies? at all? 

4. Write..... and if you have a blog then blog on it.... if you have all this time then why are we not seeing more posts?

5. Read.... and if you don't read.....well you really must not have any extra time.... or well I just totally don't understand anyone who does not enjoy reading.

6. Find another hobby....or just do another of one of your many....

7. Cook something for you family or bless another family. If you hate cooking well let me tell you that it is a skill you will need. Everyone has to cook stuff sometimes. If you don't know how then hurry up and learn.

8. Plan.... what I don't know! Anything there is probably a lot of things you could plan. At the moment I am planing on what to get my family for Christmas.... and some friends too... and getting stuff for them and then thinking of other people I need would like to get something for.

9. Make people presents for Christmas... Presents that are hand made are so special.

10. If it so happens to be after Christmas then surely you got some interesting presents you can do something with.... so do that

And now I have reached the end of my summery photos I shall end on 10 because it is such a nice number and then I shall nominate some people, for "The Wasteland Tag" either summer or winter... 

Alyssa Monk
His Princess 

and as for why it is awarded.... that is because I tagged you...why? because I did.

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  1. Thanks Clare. ( I think ) XD
    I'll do my best!

  2. Haha, oh dear, sorry to cause so much trouble! ;) I'm glad you found something that works for you though. :)

    1. Don't be sorry.... I had a lot of fun coming up with that.

    2. I'm glad you did! :) Well, maybe when we are all enjoying Summer, you can do the Winter Wasteland Tag. ;) (I actually don't know how the seasons mix...I hope I was right. lol)

    3. Yes they are opposite. although ours always begin at the beginning of a month. But as I was saying here winter is not a wasteland season... necessarily. It is sometimes really dry but at least it is nice and cool and where I live no snow... I have only seen snow once.... about six or so years ago....