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Merry Xmas to All

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Yes once I never thought I'd write that word 'Xmas'. It has only really begun to be used commonly and printed all over wrapping paper and any Christmas things fairly recently. So I assumed that someone had created Xmas recently and was using it to get the Christ out of Christmas. It isn't.

I thought, and a lot of non-christains and Christians probably think that the X does replace the Christ, and that it makes the word Christmas then become nonreligious. I thought that Xmas was non or anti-christian. Is that what you think?

Well if so, you are about to be enlightened. The "X" in Xmas actually comes from the Greek letter Chi. Chi is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός which translated to English is; "Christ." So Xmas really is just a shortening of Christmas. 

Xmas has actually been around for at least a thousand years. Even names with "Christ" as part of them have been shortened. I don't know exactly when it started but in the 15th century many Christians used it in books as a shortening of Christ to save precious space and precious paper. The X does not mean disrespect and the is a long history of its use. There is no plot to get rid of Christness out of Christmas it is just a shortening! Not that I am going to start saying Xmas though. I will stick with Christmas (except in the title of this post).

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