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A Puzzling Thing

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On Friday the 24th of  May 2013 I did a post about this puzzle and now I can finally finish the story! 

Because I have finally finished the puzzle! I finished it on Thursday the 18th of December 2014. (yes I say the date because it is such a noteworthy occasion) So it didn't really take years to do.... Not quite.... even if it felt like I have been doing that puzzle for my entire life up to now.

See it is done. The worlds most evil puzzle. If you want to know why that is read the first post. I must mention that I had many helpers in finishing this, particularly my mum and sisters. Some relatives helped and I think some friends may have put in a few pieces. And now it is finally finished.

Sadly it is also all packed up back in the box it came in.... the box with the wrong picture on it. I couldn't help but think; "It takes years months and months to do and yet in less than a minute I can destroy the whole thing and put it back in the box."

So many things in life can be like that, they take years and years to build, but one small thing can topple it. In such a small amount of time, things of years can be destroyed; like reputation. We have to be careful we don't destroy them. Especially if it is a painful to put together as that puzzle was!  

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