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Of Growing Old

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Yes I did used to be that cute! Since I turn ... ah lets say old today I thought I should post photos of me, as time passes. I don't know who all these photos were taken by, probably my parents, though with the really old ones I took photos of the photos since we didn't have any copies of them on the computer. 

I am not exactly sure if they are in the right order (the old ones) but they are close. There is also proof here that my hair was not always long and it has been cut short once.......

So in celebration on eighteen years, from the beginning, me. 

Yes this it taken at our place..... it was so different back then..... I remember this moment, watching the storm come in.

And I'm rather confused of the order of the photos around here....

I was once taller than my sisters too..... and Jane had longer hair than me.

I know this was taken at school some time.....

And now the lovely digital age! these photos are in the correct order. The photo below was taken in 2006. With the digital age also comes me not being able to chose which photos to put here so there are a few more for each year..... oh well... Look how many freckles I had! Well I still do, but not so obvious.

The massive flood of 2007

I have never had a horse but if there is one nearby I will probably go and pat it..... even climbing onto private property.... though this is in a paddock next door, and any one can walk there.

This chook is still alive even though she has tried to die numerous times.

Do you like to look back over old photos?
Have you ever counted back the years to see if you are really as old as you are meant to be?

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  1. Happy birthday! Our birthdays are only a few days apart. Mine is on Monday, but I will be turning fourteen.
    You were so cute. I want to go look through our old albums now.

    1. Thanks Sophie, Happy birthday to you too!

  2. I LOVE old photos, of anyone. Family ones are especially fun, though.

    1. It is so interesting to see what you used to wear/ look like, especially in really old photos.

  3. You were so CUTE! :D

    I look back on old photos a lot. Not that often, though, because most of them are stored on our old computer and it takes a lot of work to plug that one in and stuff.

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Sounds like you need to get those photos off your old computer and print them before they are lost forever... they are irreplaceable things.