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Well The other day.... actually more like two weeks ago I hit 19999 page views. I actually saw the number... and remembered to get a screen shot of it. I also have an extra follower or two since then.

In my all time stats the US has also finally topped Australia. I do wonder though just how many of them are fake search engines and how many are real people.

And there are individual posts. I find these stats the most fascinating. Some of them make sense of how they got so high but others? Seriously that one on making door-stopper chickens? That was a very early post full of terrible photos and... well it has hundreds more views than anything else, I would assume someone must have pinned it to pinterest or something. 

The giveaway post is also high... well who does not like a chance to win free stuff? So I have been thinking about doing another when I reach 400 posts, I can't decide what yet. But as for the bottom two I have no idea why they have so many views.... I don't have any idea at all why they are so high. 

The movie review of God's Not Dead makes sense, as it could come up on search engines and people who don't normally read my posts would read and share it. As with the Rangers Apprentice one I suppose, and the DKT. In the case of the Blogger award one, well people like me probably keep finding it by following links back... forever. The riddle one though? I don't know. I never thought they were that good and the answers are there now too..... sure it got high fast originally but why is it still going up?

Ahh the mysteries of stats.....

As for the giveaway I thought it could be a handmade necklace..... that could be posted most places without much cost. 

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  1. Congrats! Regardless of the hows and whys, this is super cool. Great job, you deserve every one of those pageviews and more!

    1. Thanks, it is always fun to watch them go up. I love to be able to share my thoughts with other people :D