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Book Review: Draven’s Light

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This is the first book that I have read by Anne Elizabeth Stengl so I did not know what to expect. I really enjoyed what I got though.  It is one of those books that kept me wanting to know what happens next so badly that I start skipping bits and then having to force myself to read through it properly.  Draven’s Light is a tale within a tale, words mix together and weave an intricate story. It is like a folktale and is dark in places, but the darkness contrasts wonderfully to the light. 

Lovely foreboding hinted through the book came out in the end just as terrifying as I guessed. The story drew me in completely, what with the vivid imagery and epic tale. I really liked how the story frame connects in with the story and even more so by the end, so that the two parts merged seamlessly into one.

The tension is high and the pacing fast but not so fast the reader gets left behind. I like how the red aster flowers pop up throughout the book binding it together in another way (making them a leitmotif.) The characters emotion came across as real, and I felt for them. The ending was sad, but it felt complete like an ending should.

I liked the characters a lot. Draven the coward had such courage though he spent the story believing the name given him. In the end he did realize though. He almost fits the description of an epic character, even making a journey into the underworld. Ita was a well written female character, strong of heart and mind, if not body.  I could empathise in her going on despite pain, though a few times she did some things that seemed a bit out of character, but I liked her. 

My favourite thing about the book would be the contrast of the darkness with the light and the moment when Draven is contemplating snuffing out the light so he can’t see the shadows.  Light shines brighter in the darkness. True courage is going on despite fear.

You should read this book when it comes out. So how have I read an unpublished book you may ask. Well it is because I follow this authors blog and one day I saw the picture below. I was not yet a fan of her books because I hadn't read any, but I thought this would be a great chance especially since I could fill most of the criterias of being an influence reader. And I really enjoy reviewing books. So I requested to be one, a review book  influence reader, stating where I could post reviews and I waited. I was told that If I were chosen to be one I would receive an email on the 23rd..... so I waited then I realized that the date was the american dater and I would actually have to wait until the 24th to find out! 

Obviously for me to have posted this I would have had to receive a copy though! You know you should not judge a book by its cover.... but it is a rather cool cover and even better than that it is a scene from the book. Again I must say I so liked the contrast of light and dark, evil was clearly evil and in the conquered by the light. I like those sort of books. I plan on reading more books of Anne Elizabeth Stengl's soon. 

This book is also apparently book 7.5 in a series but I think they can mostly be read as standalones.  Draven’s Light could definitely be read as a standalone. It finished like a single book should and there is no stuff you should/need to know beforehand.

I know in book reviews you are meant to say things you did not like about the book but I really can't think of anything I didn't like. Just be aware there is that darkness. I would often start complaining about some romance in a book if there was nothing else, but there isn't even any romance in this book that I can protest about. There is love, but nearly all of that is between a brother and sister which is so refreshing. There is also some stuff that could be called romance but it is not exactly "romance' as such and I had no problem at all with that at all. 

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  1. Sounds interesting! You did a great job reviewing it, thanks for the recommendation. =)