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Things That Make Me Smile

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This is a rather random post of some things that made me smile recently. Some are happenings, others are thoughts or whatnot.....

~ My birthday is Tomorrow!
~ All my five roosters are gone... to the auction
~ Comments on my blog
~ Being introduced to someone; "And this is Clare." "Oh the photographer Clare?" Me mentally OH YESS MEE THE PHOTOGRAPHER. To explain....well I guess I like being known for being a photographer.... I don't know but it was great.
~ BRIGHT Light's nights.... or more after they have gone well and are finished I generally grin then
~ Bible study 
~ Going to the movies with my mum and sisters to see Cinderella.... wow that was a beautiful movie in every way, I highly recommend it. 
~ Getting to be a Betta Reader, that was so fun (google it if you want to know what it is) and then having to correspond with the author a bit too.... they are real people...
~ lying on the grass listening to beautiful birdcalls
~ Taking that perfect photo
~ Things tied up with string and of course the contents of string tied stuff
~ Words.... especially written and written to me with a pen on paper or card... 
~ Chocolate... yes it had to be on here somewhere
~ Winning this book in a giveaway! The edition is just so beautiful and the cover is so soft. Most importantly though it contains a really good story. 

~ Receiving letters in the mail
~ Parcels for me at the post office
~ Touching a wallaby..... A wild one..or more not so wild
~ Being an influence reader for "Draven's light"
~ Racing around outside in a long voluminous, purple cape.
~ Anticipating my ladies afternoon tea....
~ My birthday cake.... it is a book with "in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit" written on it. Oh and even better it is Dauntless cake. And if you don't know what that is you shall have to read the Divergent series to find out, and it tastes really good.
~ Looking back through old photos

And most other things I have blogged about recently.

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  1. I can relate to most of those! ^_^ In fact I was smiling just reading through your list of things that make you smile. :D

  2. I agree with you on all of these!! And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! So exciting =) LOVED Cinderella so much, it was fabulous. Totally with you on betas too--I'm actually going to be in need of one soon, would you be interested? If so, email me: Such a fun post!!

  3. Happy Birthday then! Hope you have an awesome day!
    Your cake sounds amazing!