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Shining Stars Calendar

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Shining Stars Magazine is a wonderful ministry that produces four magazines each year. They are so encouraging and Godly, I would highly recommend to you to subscribe and get it posted to you. It is always so nice to receive such a beautiful magazine in the mailbox.

This year Shining Stars has made a beautiful calendar for 2015. You can buy it for only $US9.99. In other words ten dollars US and whatever that then ends up being in Australian dollars. I don't understand the business world's obsession with .99 everything, but I will probably do it one day too. Except that everything I get paid for is in cash. But anyway, Shining Stars Magazine has this calendar and you could get it for even less if you want to use a promo code they gave me which is "clare10". 

And because I think they worded it well I shall quote directly from the Shining Stars Magazine Website.

"The Shining Stars 2015 calendar features 13 months (January 2015-January 2016) of beautiful photographs complimented by inspirational quotes and Scripture verses.  Professionally designed and printed, this hanging calendar can be a wonderful and practical way to brighten up your wall!  It can make a great gift for a friend too!"

I was going to say something almost exactly the same. As I said before you should also check out the magazine.

Some of the latest ones have articles I wrote in them and future ones probably will too. You could even get a sample one for only $2.

Ah yes shameless advertising! But I would really recommend these magazines to any young lady... or old... they are so full of encouragement to live for Jesus. They also have cool craft ideas in them and tons of recipes.

So at least go have a look at Shining Stars Magazine website and blog etc.

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