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Of Old And Antique

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I have accepted the challenge by Julia where she asked people to go to an interesting shop in their town and photograph stuff there, a shop they had not yet been into. After going into the antique store I took these photos at I can't believe it has taken me almost eighteen years to go into it! (Though apparently it has not existed that long.) Well I have lived in this town all my life....... so here are photos of some of the things I found in this not so little shop.

Seriously who collects cans? If you know someone who does please tell me!

A beautiful old sewing machine.... I always wonder at the story behind these sort of things

I put my hand into this bowl of buttons and ran my fingers through the buttons, so many and all so different.

There were shelves of lace and whatever you call the stuff in this photo.

This would be perfect for a newborn shoot..... if it were not so expensive.

I saw this one first then the one below and had to laugh.

There were more drawers full of silver, doilies, table runners and such things. 

I just could not stop looking at these pots on the stairs.....and upstairs there was even more!!

One room had mostly just clothing in it.

Pianola rolls. I have once seen a pianola played at out second cousins I think....

Very old copy of one of the Billabong books. These are so good!

I think I have the same edition of Wings Above Billabong.... except I had to stick it together with superglue......

Really cool suitcases.

I had to laugh at this.... A music stand! It looks just like the ones we have at church..... except maybe a little more sturdy...

More suitcases.

I have some books just like the ones down the bottom of this photo too.

Beautiful vases.

These cups were just so green and pretty.

I think some of these are hat boxes.

For these rather cool hats...

... and these hats.

Then back down the stairs,

past the jars again,

and then after about an hour I hurried home.

 I almost did not go into the shop that day, I just happened to drive past it and having nothing I had to do right then. I turned down the next road and went around the block and into the carpark of the shop. I got my camera and hid it under my jumper and ran out through the rain. I am so glad I did do that then, and considering the photos are all taken indoors and on an overcast day they are rather good, considering. Still, I mean to go back, with my sisters, and take photos again on a bright sunny day.... or at least another day, don't know if I shall post about that then but we shall see. I hope you enjoyed the photos and that you actually got to the end of this post!

Are there any small/not so small stores in your town?
You never know what is hidden there until you look!
Please take on the challenge!

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  1. Oh I love that shop!!! Did you happen to take note of how much the hats were?

    1. No I didn't see how much the hats were, I don't think I looked at the prices on them.

    2. Oh ok... they're very nice. :)

  2. These photos are so beautiful! I've always love antique things.
    I got so excited when I saw the Billabong books. There one of my favourite series. I've never come across another person who's even heard of them though! It's so cool that there was some old copies of them there.

    1. Yes the Billabong book are so nice and also so Australian, so many books nowadays are set in America.

    2. I know! Hardly any books are set in Australia, and the few that are, are too typical and unrealistic.

  3. I still think this is the coolest thing ever!