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Of a Wild Wallaby

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I had a little adventure today with a kangaroo. Well really it is a wallaby.  I am not sure if she is old or just likes it here. With a little searching this wallaby can often be found near our place, around the yard, down the back paddock, in the really long grass over the road or in the neighbors (across the road) yard.  

Around tenish in the morning we found that Mrs wallaby still hadn't moved out of our yard and off across the road or anywhere. Naturally I decided to try get close and take a photo... 

She did not seem much frightened, I took these photos from around a meter and a half away. A floppy old wire fence was all that separated me from the wallaby. Suddenly she turned towards me and I clicked the shutter another time. She watched me with huge soft eyes. Placing her pawn on the ground the wallaby moved closer sniffing at me. I reached out my hand. I could no longer focus the camera, as one meter is the closest focal range it can do with my nice lens. She sniffed more and came cautiously through the fence. 

Her whiskers brushed my fingers and tickled into my hand. I touched her nose lightly. Samuel my six year old brother had come up beside me, he moved to fast. Yet she did not turn away from us instead the wallaby turned and hopped past us. As she went past Samuel reached out an hand and touched her. He then shrieked a little in excitement and scared her, so she quickened her pace. Samuel wanted to go after her, but I said we should leave her and he could go and tell mummy how he had touched a wild kangaroo, who really was not so wild at all.

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