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Bird Activity: March and April

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Three Welcome Swallows darted through the air circling then flying into the distance. I watched with a little sadness, it is the time of year to say farewell to them. But instead of them we should be seeing more of the kookaburras. At least around where I live, they are more prevalent at this time of year. We have Laughing Kookaburras, here. Early in the morning their laugh echoes through the still air and during the day it sounds too and often one can follow the sound and find the bird siting in a branch of a gum tree. 

I walked quietly towards the tree trying to keep behind other trees so the bird would not be alerted of my progress towards it. Finally I got close enough to take a decent photo and I poked the camera around the side of a tree. The kookaburra spied me and shifted uncomfortably then flew off. I followed. I continued to trail after the bird as it led me a-dance from tree to tree, trying to get a photo of it. 

Rosellas are even more shy than kookaburras, both photos are cropped, but the one of the rosella I took with a zoom lens. (meaning I was a lot further away). Often if a rosella even glimpses a person, that will be enough of an incentive to fly off calling every other rosella nearby to fly with it. The above photo involved much soundless creeping and multiple failed attempts to even get a terrible photo of a rosella before it flew off. From the slightly patchy feathers of this bird I guess it could be a young one, therefore not as scared as older birds, yet.

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