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Of Victory, Defeat and Couch Potatoes

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The word "Victory" and the word "Defeat" they both have this definite ring about them. They are great words. Victory and defeat may have opposite meanings but they both have some things in common, someone tried. They did not just sit back being a Couch Potato. Sometimes we need to take the chance and have one of those great words as part of us even if it is the word defeat. For though defeat is not victorious, a lot can be learned from it, and defeat may prove you had the courage to try. 

Like the Anzacs they won the word "Defeat" but with that came much more; courage, honour, doggedness, spirit, mateship. They became a legend. 

The words "Victory" and "Defeat" mean you started out, but the "Couch Potato" is the man who never began. The one who never thought he could do better; more.  

The word "defeat" may not seam a very glorious aim, but it is not and it need not be an end. Sometimes victory may only come after many defeats. As with the Anzac's; though the Gallipoli campaign ended in defeat, overall the allies won the word Victory. Sometimes we just have to learn from defeat and move on, trying harder, or just continuing to try to win that word, the greatest one of the two, "Victory". 

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