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The Outpouring

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It began to rain, and rain with serious intention not just small drips here and there. The clouds had gathered the day and night before, now they spilled their contents relentlessly upon everything below them. First just a shimmer of water could bee seen between stalks of grass on our front lawn. Then we had a massive puddle in only an hour or so.

The rain continued and the creek began to roar past, muddy and brown, spreading out and out, flowing over a nearby driveway because it could not get through the tunnel fast enough. Buckets of dirt, rocks, leaves, sticks things left lying too close to the creek were swept away. Our tame little creek that does not normally even have water in it turned into a brown foaming monster.

Water rushed on, the dam doubled in size, tripled and spewed over.

All the water splashed down into another creek and out into the Hunter River, it rose and continued rising. Roads were blocked, are still blocked. Nearby towns were flooded, a house washed down the street. Roads slick with rain, a fatal accident. The water rose and entered houses destroying many possessions. Hundreds of houses and even a hospital without power. 

Cloud and mist obscured the horizon, hills grew distant, or dropped completely away.

The sun comes out and droplets sparkle, plants that were not broken by winds are growing, flourishing, turning a brighter green.

God's promise appeared in the sky

Our God is more powerful than the raging waters, more unstoppable than the rain, more beautiful than the new life, eternal, unlike us, and brings so much more joy and hope than a rainbow.

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  1. The picture of the moss is amazing! It looks like it should have some little fairy bedded down in it.

  2. Wow! These photos are beautiful. That panorama is amazing. I had to show it to my mum (who also loves photography).
    We also had a lot of rain down here. It was nice to get something different to photograph.