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Bugs: Both Cool And Creepy Crawly

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A photo post! I don't seem to often do posts that are just photos nowadays, but this one shall be. Saying that, if you don't like bugs or at least photos of them then there is not much point in looking further because that is all there is here. I took these photos while observing flowers and pollinators for the Wild Pollinator count. I don't own a macro lens, so these are taken with an everyday kit lens with a filter which is kinda like a magnifying glass screwed onto it.

I also saw a cool looking leaf cutter bee, but I just could not get a clear photo of it..... or any for that matter she just flew to fast. All of these critters are quite small.

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  1. Lovely pictures Clare! I wouldn't want to touch most of those but they're nice for photography. ;)

    1. Neither would I, except for the last bug. My Sisters and I call them all "Milly" and we used to love catching them as they flew through the air, and we still do sometimes.