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Black and green Rooster

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I got another new chook recently. This time it is a rooster. A pretty green and black rooster otherwise known as an australorp cockerel. But he does not act much like it at all. He is still scared of most of the hens except Prim, the two of them get along really well. He was the bottom roster where he came from and as a result of that still has not much tail. So far he seems quite a nice fellow.

He greatly dislikes having his photo taken though.... but as you see I got some, here is one with nearly all his girls.

My little black hen on the other hand would not get out of the camera... I think she was posing.

The brown hen below is my little hen by the name of Butterfly. She is getting rather old and has almost died a few times.... twice by being eaten by maggots..... that was not nice.... but she is amazingly hard to kill. Which is good, because even though she no longer lays she is my favourite.

And this is Laura.... I think.... I have two very similar ones and they have different personalities, but other than that I can't tell which is which. 

Do you have any chooks?

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