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The Hunting of a Christmas Tree

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We like our Christmas trees live. So a few weeks before Christmas we go hunting, last year we caught one lurking beside the road, the year before it was a gum tree amongst a forest of others. This year we captures a sheoak tree.

We had a great debate over the trees as we usually do. First we came across one magnificent specimen, all alone, perfect shaped, luckily everyone saw the sense in leaving such a beautiful tree to be beautiful for years to come. So we went to look around the edges of a small forest of them. The trees in the middle are no good as they grow all scraggly close together. Again we debated over three near each other and finally picked one.

Unusually we managed to cut it the perfect size! Other years we have had to trim off large amounts, because when you bring a tree inside it tends to expand rather mysteriously. Now it is decorated and a few gifts are beginning to appear under it.

Have you got all your decorations up?
What kind of tree do you have?

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  1. My family never does Christmas trees but I do think they're pretty. Especially the live ones which also smell good...usually! :)

    1. Sometimes I think the fake ones are actually prettier, but I like how we have a real tree.

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!