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December Wild Flowers

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Over the last few years I have seen more of these flowers appearing. I am not sure what they are but they grow in many places in the paddock next door. 

Tiger Pear also flowers at this time of year..... quite a delicate flower for such a nasty plant.

These purple plants are also flowering. They grow to be around a meter tall, and butterflies like to sleep on their stems......or so I have observed in the past.

If you stoop down you will find these golden balls of fluff around your ankles. It is almost as if some wattle has fallen to the ground then grown up on a stalk. I suspect these delicate flowers are a native sort. 

Do you ever stop a moment and look at the flowers under your feet?
What coloured flowers are outside your place at the moment?

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  1. There's nothing quite like opening my blogger feed on Christmas day and finding a post about an Australian! :) Actually it's kind-of refreshing Clare! Thanks for sharing and lovely pictures! Sorry I can't help you identify any of them. The only one I know is the Tiger Pear and you already can identify that one.

    1. Glad to be an Australian, we are here to amuse the rest of the world *Gives you a grim and sweeping bow* And of course I posted it the day after Christmas, but that makes it Christmas day where you are!

  2. lovely photography, dear!
    your upper question almost made me laugh because I have because just yesterday i was thinking about all the things that we miss staring at our phones or what's ahead, so i spent a fair amount of time paying attention to all the little ground flowers.

    outside my place the flowers are all orange and red. <3

    1. Thankyou Jordy. It is amazing somethings how things we ourselves have been thinking about then pop up in all kinds of other places around the same time. I often think that God is trying to tell me something when thinks like that happen.