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Crafty: Cardboard Art Bookmarks

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Bookmarks can be a simple but nice gift to make for other book lovers. All it takes is a small amount of drawing skill, some pens, cardboard and inspiration.  

I cut out some bookmark sized bits of cardboard and began writing some words on one side, I decorated the text and began to draw. I did not know what the finished product would look like until I had finished. On the back of each book mark (except one) I wrote Art by C L Farrelly and if I got the quote from a book the name of the writer.... Tolkien. 

Drawing it all with a pen can be scary as if you make a mistake there is no going back and you could ruin the whole thing. I really like the effect the pen makes though. So they were all done in pen.

I have only actually made these six, but I do intend to make more because I really liked them. You could put thoughts or bible verses on them, and use different colours on one bookmark. 

This 'words' bookmark is a quote from a Shakespeare play that my sisters and mum went to see ages ago. Jane really liked that bookmark so I gave it to her.

My favourite is of course the quote by Tolkien "Never Laugh at Live Dragons" because everyone knows dragons make a book better so if you use that bookmark then the book is better because it would have at least one dragon in it! 

I made most of them for my brothers though. One who is 7 would spend all day reading if you let him. He is often told to go outside and do something, when he is finished the chapter....... and he is as bad as that as me.

Do you like drawing?
Have you ever made bookmarks?
Which is your favourite?

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  1. Beautiful bookmarks Clare! You have a great artistic talent!
    Since I'm an avid reader people often give me bookmarks. This means I never need/have the chance to make them! :)

    1. Thanks :D I do often have people give me bookmarks too but you can never have too many right?

  2. oh that is awesome about your little brother though. xD Starting the bookworms young. :') So wonderful. hehe. I LOVE the dragon one!! YOU DRAW AMAZINGLY!! I've always wanted to learn how to do nice lettering, so maybe that will be a goal of this year...because it'd be so fun to do stuff like this ;D They look so good Clare!
    (And btw, I can't remember if I said this already, but your blog is GORGEOUS. I love the header!)

    1. Yep start 'em young! I have been meaning to make another dragon one for myself, because it is soo cool! That particular lettering is really easy. You only need to add little bits to wherever a letter finishes or starts. And thankyou :D you may have said it before (I don't remember either) But since it is a compliment then I have no problem with it being said again!

      But The person who designed it for me asked to know what other blogs I really liked, and to send her links to them, and your blog was at the top of that list.