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Of Cows, Chooks and Sky

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Over Christmas we went to our cousins place, which is a farm. Strangely enough I took a lot of photos which I seem to have forgotten to post on here, so here are some of the cows chooks and sky I saw while at the farm. I did take photos of people too, but I figure you will enjoy these ones more.

As of last week we finished all our school holidays too. And are back to work. Well kinda, I spent all Monday editing photos from a photo shoot Sunday afternoon and got no 'school work' done at all. I am kinda finished school, but not exactly I am still finishing some things I was doing last year and then starting a Philosophy course thing.... hope you enjoyed the photos! 

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! You're a wonderful photographer!

    1. Thanks Anna, I'm glad you enjoyed them :D

  2. Great pictures! I think the solitary chickens and the grass pictures are my favorites of this bunch.