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Unlikely Hero: The Road to Extraordinary

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Don't judge a book by its cover.... Personally I really dislike the cover of Unlikely Hero: The Road to Extraordinary by Duncan Robinson. As you can see it is blood red with apparently a sling and stones on it, but when I saw it I thought: oh some nasty medical thing or maybe an eye patch or some glasses for a cyclops that got melted in a furnace. But I was given it for free so I started to read it.

I turned the crisp white pages and looked at the black text, nice and large and with lots of white space for easy reading. I read it, and it is worth reading too. The book is easy to understand and you can hear Pastor Duncan's passion for the topic. The book is challenging. At the end of each chapter it has really good reflection questions and the beginning of a prayer. It does not discus doctrinal things so far as I remember so that should not be a problem for anyone. 

As far as I remember I agreed with everything it said so I highly recommend this book. Oh and it also compares people to Han Solo, wookies, Yoda and had a few other Star Wars references so that made it even better.

I will leave you with a few of the quotes I wrote down in my "thoughts and quotes" book, some of them are exactly what was in the book but others were just what I wrote down.... but very similar to things in the book but I now can't remember which were which for sure.

Sometimes we have to spend time in the desert to become, improve or refine who we are destined to be. ~ Duncan Robinson (but slightly reworded)

When you focus on the bright spots in your life they become magnified. If you focus on the negatives, they will also become magnified. ~ Duncan Robinson (possibly an exact quote)

God has given us promises to help us endure hard times with real joy ~ Duncan Robinson......

Have you ever read this book?
Did you know that Duncan is an Australian who now lives in America?

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  1. I'll have to read it sometime after I've finished Do Hard Things...Sounds quite interesting.

    1. Well there are three copies in the house, and you should. Thanks for the comment!