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Crafty: Arrows

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My sister Jane is rather fond of weapons, in particular medieval weapons. So I made her a few for Christmas, well at least a few to decorate her wall. They were very simple to make, but slightly difficult as I had nothing which would punch holes in the felt.

You need only a few things

  • felt
  • wool
  • a needle that wool can be threaded through but is sharp enough to go through felt.
  • glue and scissors
  • sticks

First you will need some sticks, they could be the hardest to find. Living where we do around so many gum trees made it fairly easy. They could be of nay length but mine were around the size of a ruler. Trim off any other twigs. 

I just used my imagination when cutting the shapes out of the felt, you have to cut two of each shape though, one for each side. And you can see from the photos the kind of shape I went with. 

Getting the wool through the felt is the horrid part! It is really only for decoration, but so is the whole thing. Just push really hard. For the flights you will want to keep checking that you can slip the end of the stick in between the rows.

The next part is to glue the felt on. At least I did it in that order with some and I sewed the 'pretty' wool bits after with another. I don't suppose it really matters, except that you want to have the knots of the wool on the inside. Pour glue inside the hollow for the stick and just use lots... but not too much, I had to re-glue some because I had not used enough. 

Lastly snip the felt which is the 'flights' of the arrow. And if you want tie a bow with leftover wool near the head. Then wait for the glue to dry and you are done!

Have you ever made arrows of any kind?
Which colour is your favourite?

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  1. We still have to work out how to stick them on the wall, or roof, or wherever. I've made arrows out of bamboo, chook feathers for the fletching, and hand-cut tin arrowheads. They kind of worked...

    1. Yes, sticking them on the wall.... some way other than blue-tack... That could work, but then it would possibly look like they were stuck to the wall with blue-tack.

    2. It probably would rather. :)

  2. This is such a neat idea! I like the design and the fact that they look pretty straightforward to put together, and have a cute end result! If I ever need some decorative arrows, I now know what to do. :)
    Tanks for stopping by Ink and Paper Tall Ship!

    1. Thanks, I do often read your blog, whenever there is anything to read, but I tend to stalk rather than comment most of the time :)

  3. These are sooo cute and clearly your sister Jane is INTENSELY awesome. I love arrows! And I love how colourful you made these too. :')

    1. Yep, she is a pretty awesome sister!