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Crafty: Beads of Paper

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I made some rather cool (even if I do say so myself) paper beads a while ago. They were so easy to make and look great on a necklace, I made two and gave them both away, and I know that one at least gets worn often. At least half the time that I see my young friend she is wearing it. 

What you will need:

  • A printer that works, paper
  • A few toothpick and cooking skewers
  • Glue
  • (optional, probably useful but I didn't have any) some kind of glaze
And if you want to make more than the paper part:
  • Some other beads, (a few metal ones look nice.)
  • A necklace chain, some other chain and some Jump Rings
  • And some things which I have googled and I think are called "Metal Head Pins" sounds kinda violent....

First you need to decide what words you want and what font and print them out, but remember that shorter words work better... because otherwise you have the problem of chopping off one end of the word with the other end. Then you need to cut the paper into strips with each word at one end of a strip and you want them to be as straight as possible! 

Make sure your strips are not so fat that the finished bead will be to big to fit onto a head pin with some other beads. You need some other beads on there (at least I did) not only because it looks good and I say so but because the skewer sized hole is probably too big and the bead will just slip off the pin.

Then get glue everywhere, but not too much of it.... contradictory 
terms I know. Roll the strips into beads, tight around the skewer. Once it is rolled take it off and put in on a toothpick-that is resting between some other things that are lying around-to dry. Then continue until you have rolled all of them. As you can see some of mine were longer and others shorter. When they are dry it could be a good idea to glaze them.... I tried it with glue but that did not work so well as the ink started to run...

Now you have paper beads. Next you need to chose some other beads and thread them all onto the head pins. Bend the loops at the top and attach a jump ring or some chain, varying lengths look nice.  Obviously you will then need to attach the pendant you have made to the necklace with a jump ring. And then you are done.

Have you ever made paper beads?
If so what kind were they?
Do you like glue?

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  1. I like glue. Except when it gets stuck on my fingers, which it does. Every time.
    These look pretty cool, I wouldn't have the patience to make them though. :)

    1. in other words you don't like glue, or is it only the stuff that actually sticks to your fingers that you don't like?

    2. Well, it's not too bad when it does what I want it to do. It can be useful for sticking stuff together with, so I don't not like it. But yeah, the bits on my fingers are annoying.

  2. "but because the skewer sized hole is probably too big" - a toothpick might work better.
    "I tried it with glue but that did not work so well as the ink started to run..." - Solution is using a laser printer rather than an inkjet printer (I think this will fix the problem).

    I must say, your beads are very pretty.

    1. Na toothpicks are not that much thinner :D Yes well that kind of printer could help, if you thought of that fact before hand and that printer was working.

      Thanks for the comment my lovely sister.

  3. My dear Clare, what a joy to visit your beautiful blog! Your paper beads are simply lovely and so creative.

    I wanted to thank you for the delightful visit to my blog - your comment was a blessing to read :)

    Have a joyous week! Hugs! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    1. Thanks, I had fun making them. Thanks for the comment back to, it always makes me smile when people do that.

  4. I have to say, Clare, these are the most adorable paper beads I've ever seen. You have a real crafty talent!! :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your comment made my day! I've loved reading some of your older posts and entering your giveaway. Following your blog now! (I know the feeling about having lots of blog friends in America. I live just across the ditch from you [New Zealand] and completely relate!!)
    May you be blessed.

    1. "Just across the ditch from you" Ha ha yep. Thanks for the follow!