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Crafty: A Useful Owl

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I made this owl as a gift for my sister, I found the pattern on this website... their owl looks a bit less messy than mine. And as I can't be bothered to write out all the instruction on how I made it I guess you will have to go there to see how if you want to know. 

I also have probably forgotten lots of important bits too, as I made this way before Christmas. I couldn't blog on it then, because it was a gift and the photos were doing their best to hide from my sister, and then I forgot. The photos managed to hide from me too but I found them, eventually. So here are a few of the making and more of my finished owl. Well not mine anymore, but I liked this one so much that I went and made another for myself, which also had to hide away until after Christmas, but failed to take photos of.

 You can download the instructions I used here... at least hopefully you can. And this is the finished product.

 Do you like owl things?
If so what kind of owl things do you have?

I have done a lot of crafty posts lately(this shall probably be the last for a while), but the next post I do shall be special. The next post will be my 500th blog post! And to celebrate there shall be a giveaway! And two of the thing/things, trinket notsayingwhatitisyet in the giveaway are owl like... But I want to know, would you rather have three chances of winning just one thing or one chance of winning all three (similar) things? And should it be a choose your favourite one out of, say five options, like last time?

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  1. Owl things are pretty cool, and seeing the real thing (well, as real as a Tawney Frogmouth is to an owl) is even cooler. I like how you have such artistic shots of the finished product, they look so cute! :)

    1. Thanks Jane, I think a Tawney Frogmouth is close enough owl, even if it technically is not one.