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A Time To Speak

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I got A Time To Speak by Nadine Brandes for Christmas, I had been 'dying' to read it since finishing book one in the series. You really need to read book one before this one as they are very connected. The thing I like most about the book is this;

They thought she was controllable
and they were right
but one detail they hadn't taken into account
She obeyed and trusted another more than her fear
she followed the uncontrollable God.

I felt a deep connection with the characters. The plot was fast, amazing, but still believable, and there was a constant rising tension throughout. I really enjoyed all the cool inventions and stuff they have in this futuristic book, but most of all Parvin's faith. Her belief in God feels real, and it is by no means the point of the book, but it is there and motivates and upholds her, and God sometimes says a word to her..... like SPEAK. I just love how she can really hear him. But saying that the book is not preachy at all.

I liked the romance in here. Often I don't but she is 18 after all and it was a lovely, squealy kinda romance that happened slowly, but surely. I like the other relationships in the book too, they felt real, even if they were not good/friendly relationships. I highly recommend this book and enjoyed it even more than the first one. There were some unpleasant bits (people dying from falls, explosion, fights) but they weren't overly descriptive. 

In the first book (A Time To Die) there were two scenes that I disliked because the violence.... or maybe it would be more correct to say the physical pain of the character, was just too much for me to handle. Saying that, my younger sister (14) also read the book after me and they did not bother her much, it is probably related to my personal aversion to blood....

But I will also warn you that the book ends in the most enormous cliff hanger ending ever, well almost. So maybe you should wait until they are all written before buying them.... All I know is the next book is called A Time To Rise, and as you can see I was the 17th person to guess it.

So I would recommend both books, but the second one is better than the first. I read it while we were on holidays over Christmas. One wall of the verandah where we stayed had been painted a startling, but nice blue, perfect for these photos.  

Have you read any of the Out Of Time Series?
Do you like/read dystopian books?

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  1. This is one of my favorite books! I love it. :) I also like dystopian books, seeing as my own book is that genre.

    1. You must be 'dying' to read book three as well. Dystopian if one of my favourite genres.

  2. Nice, this book is on my list to buy and read, but I have a few others in line first! Lovely pictures, too!

    1. Thanks Abigail, that blue wall was just so perfect!

  3. I love Dystopian books! I'm working on one myself right now!;)

    1. Cool! Dystoian books can just reflect so much truth of society, and sometimes while reading them I think they seem far fetched, but then I hear about things in my country or others and realize that in a lot of way many aspects of the books are not that far away.