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Bees Wax Candle Making

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Bees Wax Candle Making 

My family and I went over to a friend’s place the other day, they keep bees and we find wild bee hives that need removing for them. They had lots of wax from those hives, so they invited us over for a candle making afternoon.

You will need; Bees Wax, (obviously), something to melt the wax in (It must not be aluminium though-I think), candle wicks, scissors to trim the wicks with, newspaper to cover the table and floor with, masking tape, something spiky (a pen), candle holders to pour the HOT wax into (meaning they must be heatproof), a jug to scoop and pour the wax with and a knife to scrape off all the wax that will harden on the jug.

First melt the wax this may take a while..... So while waiting cover the table and floors with newspaper. Now get your candle holder and put a cross of masking tape over the top and spike a hole in the centre of it. Then thread the wick up through the hole in the middle.You may need to unstick them to do this. Stick together/screw up the bits of masking tape going towards the centre so the wax can be poured without going all over them.  The metal bit (on the bottom of the wick) should rest on the bottom. If you hold the wick down and pull up the tape slightly when you let go the tape (unless you made a massive hole in it) should hold the wick to the bottom.  You can get any others you are going to do ready too.

When the wax is melted, scoop some out and pour a little into the bottom of the candle holder .......... Wait until firm ........... Then, fill up the rest of the candle holder with wax. Be careful not to splash any onto yourself as it is HOT! (Yes I was silly enough to find this out).  Then you will probably have to scrape all the wax that has hardened onto your jug off. Repeat the process till all you wax is gone.

Next we get to do something really, really fun, guess what it is............wait for it, wait for it................ Exactly Wait!

When you have finished waiting and the candle has hardened a bit, the tape can be taken off. Then you will get to wait another twenty four hours for the wax to finish hardening.  After this joyous waiting time, you can enjoy your nice smelling environmentally friendly Bees Wax Candle.

Also I found that apparently the wicks need to be kept trimmed to about 1 cm but not to short! And candles should never be left unattended. 

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