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It was suggested to me I make one of these...awake/sleeping things. So being a good girl I have now, it was quite fun and I think it's fairly accurate.
Considering this is sort of random I think I will also say some more random;
It has been nice and sunny recently not to hot, not too cold, the zinnias have been flowing  

and all the butterflies have been hatching, many of then fly up all around me as I walk past the garden, black- white, gold, blue-red and black, gold and black butterflies, appear flutter around and go gliding back down onto the flowers. They unroll their proboscis an dip it into one of the tiny golden flowers. The butterfly sips the nectar and poses for a photo before flying off.

Ok its not quite that easy, I go walking around trying not to squish the plants-not always succeeding-and try to convince the butterfly to stay there long enough, for me to get a shot. Eventually the butterfly gets sick of being chased and lets me take its photo. By which time they are quite grumpy. Yes they are! Well, have you ever seen a butterfly smile in a photo?

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