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Crested Pigeon Wallpaper

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A Wallpaper I made yesterday, from a photo I took earlier this week, and a verse from the proverb I read yesterday. The Birds are Crested Pigeons, some people call them Topknot Pigeons but a Topknot is an entirely different pigeon, it doesn't have the pretty shiny feathers on its wings and had a fluff "knot" of feathers on top and to the back of its head. Not a pointy "crest" like the Crested Pigeon. The Topknot Pigeon is grey with a whiter neck and underside. It lives only along the coast of Australia, while Crested Pigeons live inland too. 
As you might of guessed I enjoy Bird watching. I try to take photos of them and identify and record what sorts of birds live around my place. I also try to learn their calls so I can know what bird is there even though I may not be able to see it. 

If I put out seed on the bird feeder and around it, the Crested Pigeons prefer to eat off the ground rather than up on the bird feeder. I also often see them sitting on the power lines, the male bird will coo and hop up and down fanning out his tail to show off, trying to attract a mate. Sometimes another male will be swooping him at the same time then go and dance on the other side of the female. Male and female birds look the same but they can be told apart by how they act. It is easy to tell when a Crested Pigeon flies past, because their wings make a very distinctive and fairly loud noise. When flying they flap really fast then glide and flap really fast, glide and so on.

I wasn't planing on going on for so long but it appears that I did! O well....Enjoy.

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