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Door-stopper Chickens

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Door-stopper Chickens

You will need: material, sewing machine, thread, scissors, paper triangle shapes, coloured felt for the comb, wattle and feet (if wanted), buttons for eyes, rice and a funnel or stuffing.

If using rice make sure there are bigger seams, otherwise if someone is too rough with the chook it might pop.

First you must chose your material, any cool patterns will do. Then cut out three full triangles and two half triangles, PAY ATTENTION don’t cut the two half triangles facing the same way or else one will be inside out when sewn together. Cut out a small triangle of felt for the beak. Place the two small triangles’ outside faces on the inside with the beak (folded in half and facing in) between the two smaller triangles. Then sew them together. When unfolded it should be about the same size and shape as the “full” triangles. Next sew a full triangle onto one side and another on to the other. Make sure the inside is outside and the outside is inside. So when turned around the seams will be on the inside.

Next comes the eyes, they can be sewn by hand or machine, whatever way you prefer. Cut out the comb. Then –so the seam when turned, is on the inside- sew up the back of the chicken, don't forget to put the comb in there (facing inwards). If you want feet cut them out, they can be separate pieces (chooks) or both together (little chickens). Now sew the bottom triangle on,  leaving a HOLE so the chicken can be turned the right way around and stuffed.

Once turned the right way around (outsides out and insides in) the chicken can be stuffed. You can use rice if you want it for a door-stopper or just heavy, or stuffing if you want it to be soft and cuddly. You can even do a mixture of both! When stuffed, sew up the hole with Ladder stitch, then it is really hard to see. I would suggest not using a knot to start with as they can come undone. I just sew a few times 4+ in the same spot and that will secure the end of the thread.

You can also give the chickens tails, but these are tricky. They can also be stuffed with bean bag balls (takes soooooooo long to do), pasta (lumpy), sand (messy and comes out of very small holes), nice smelling flower things (some people might think they stink), off cuts of fabric (sort of lumpy), and probably there are other things too, like (kindly suggested by my sisters) dirt, books, bread dough, bird seed, chook food (that's what is normally inside them), feathers, rocks and all number of other strange things.

The chickens can also be given names like, Macaroni, Stuffing, Ricey, Dots, Checky or Cyrano, but no matter what you call them they won’t come, but then again they won’t run away either.

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