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Practice DKTs

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 I have been doing a few Practice Drivers Knowledge Tests and have done two without any mistakes. I passed the last five I attempted, but I won't say much about the ones before that. I have read the entire drivers hand book at least once. Less than a month and I can try the real thing, I'm excited and scared and really hope I pass and don't get too stressed on the day. And apparently my mummy is scared too, or so she says.

Now I just drive around our property and when we go canoeing down at the river. Driving at the river is more fun because I can actually drive and not just back somewhere or just park the car in a different spot.

Edit:And here is a link to the Practice DKT

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  1. Well... Replies in order that you posted

    Good Job
    How big is the book?
    Good luck for 'in less than a month'
    Naps are good for stress... unless you can't take a nap.
    Is driving scary at all? Ever?

    Now I need to try this "Practice DKT"... It sounds like it might be interesting.

    1. Thanks.The book can be downloaded free off the Internet and is approx 190+ pages including the updated bit(in a different PDF). I would suggest reading it before trying the practice tests, but it doesn't really matter,(you can take as many as you want). Driving could be scary, there are some silly people out there and things may happen that you can't control(or should of been able to).