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Holiday to Adelaide 3rd, 4th

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Monday 3rd June

We went to Adelaide zoo. We saw the Giant pandas, which are the only pandas in Australia, penguins, both of which were Mummies favourites, otters, a bilby which were my sister’s favourites, monkeys and the goats where what my brothers liked. Daddy liked some of the birds. We also say foxes, tigers, lions, flamingos, hippos and heaps of other animals. I liked the birds and the giraffes. I think the giraffes are so amazing and beautiful, intricate patterns, striding around gracefully, with their silky black tails contrasting to their gold-brown patterns. 
 We had eight minutes left of our four hour parking when we got back to the car, it was still overcast but we all had a fun day at the zoo. Then we went back to our cousins (we didn’t want to have to survive at our house for any longer than necessary).  I went out into their chook pen and found a nest of ten eggs behind the dog house, they only have three chooks. I then washed the eggs and they all sank meaning they were ok.
So they must have been flamingo eggs.........

Tuesday 4th June

Last night we cooked pasta for tonight’s tea; as we are leaving Adelaide today. After it was cooked we laid out strips of cling wrap and poured the pasta onto them and wrapped them up, in two big squishy, squashy packages. I drove second and drove through the valley of Clare and in the town of Clare I drove past Farrell road. Where we stopped at a rest area to swap drivers there was a little garden but it was full of orange fungi (and a few plants). I wonder if the fungus was edible or poisonous. On the way to Broken Hill we stopped at a friend’s place. I had seen her only once before, six years ago, but we had kept in contact by writing letters regularly.  We had lunch together and saw her goats and chickens and talked and played in her shed. Then after taking some photos of each other we had to go, it seemed so short a time.
I drove past lots of dead kangaroos and a few cars and trucks. Mummy was sleeping and daddy was tired......then he was sleeping too, I knew for sure when one of my bothers asked him a question and he said nothing.  I kept driving the road was straight and wide, he didn’t notice when I wandered a little, because I was looking at the pretty green birds. I was being extra careful though. I thought I really should try wake him, then I noticed that those white noisy/bumpy strips had just started on the edge of the road, perfect! So I carefully drove onto it and off again. Daddy sat straight up and looked around. I was laughing and I told him he had been asleep.

We swapped drivers at the next town and mummy drove the rest of the way. She says sitting next to me is more tiring than actually driving or at least it was last time she did. We got to Broken Hill and had tea. There were three rooms where we were staying a main room, a bathroom and one which we three girls were sleeping in. I don’t think I mentioned that we had brought a box it was big and plastic and was full of yummy things like chips and chocolate. So while Daddy read us some more of “The Return of The King” we partied and ate chocolate, and chips in bed.

Jane was the keeper of the malteser packet and pelted them across the room at me. She also pelted them at Alice who was beside her and Alice chucked one back, which Jane popped in her mouth and then taking it out asked Alice if she wanted it. Later Alice stole a bit of Janes white chocolate and then Jane put the rest of the white chocolate in her mouth and took it out and asked Alice if she wanted it now. This sent them both into a giggling fit.  

At 9:40 we went one at a time to brush our teeth and while I was gone Jane and Daddy hid some maltesers in my bed, which I ate in the morning. But Jane gave Alice a face washer and three bars of soap (individually wrapped) in her side of the bed. Then we threw soap around the room until 10:00. 

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