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Wheels of the Past

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This moving work of art took many a day to complete and many more months from when it was thought of-nearly years in fact-to when it was finally completed. As of yet we have not worked out exactly what the artist meant by the positioning of the three post and numerous objects attached or the small rocks around the base.

Ok not exactly

I just finished making some ‘artwork’, it was fun to make. It is finished for now, but when I find some more rusty things I am going to attach them too. We thought of the idea so long ago I can’t really remember when. I had asked my mum a few time where she wanted the posts but had got no definite answer. Then, when we got back from holidays we had another week off school so I decided to do something about it. Mummy decided on the spot where she wanted them and I started to dig holes. That took me a few days especially since it was raining half the time, I dug in the rain too at least when it was light rain. When I got down to the clay I had to use the crowbar, my two little brothers helped a bit too, well one did, the other was more interested in climbing in and out of the holes and filling them back in. Then my dad and I carted the posts and rusty stuff there. I had to dig one hole bigger.
Next we had to find enough stuff to make concrete with; if we used a ‘measure’ of cement we needed two measures of sand and three of gravel. We sifted through the sand that had made its way out of the boy’s sandpit and finally had enough. The question was; where were we going to get the gravel from? It then occurred to us that there was a lot of gravel down at the river down the end of our road. Dad said we should take the trailer down there and get some. The problem was I am on my Ls and am not allowed to drive with a trailer on. But then I thought what in the world would we do with a trailer load of gravel!!! We didn’t need that much. So we went on a bucket/container hunt and eventually managed to fill the back of the car up with buckets and a crate.

I drove to the river and we filled all our containers with gravel, but gravel isn’t really a very nice name for the buckets of pretty, small, pebbles that we got.  I had a ‘Driving lesson’ on the way back meaning doing U turns and driving round the bend and over the narrow one way bridge on it again, and having to do it better which luckily I did, otherwise I would of had to try again and maybe again. We mixed all our ‘measures’ of cement, sand and gravel together with some water, in the wheelbarrow (which nearly tipped over once). Then we cemented in the posts and I positioned them how I wanted, which was the way they looked best.

A few days later I carted the dirt from the holes away. Next came the most fun part of attaching the rusty stuff. Some just hangs there; some is jammed or screwed on, one bit needed bolting. The big wheel is not yet attached properly, but the small wheel has been the trickiest so far. I didn’t want to use new wire to hold it on because that is all shiny and not at all rusty! So I got some wire from down at the creek where there is an old fence that is not fencing off anything. I cut some mostly not rusty barbed wire and a length of straight wire, it was rusty on the outside but not on the inside! So I then used them to bind the small wheel on.  Note: shoving barbed wire through anything is very difficult and straight wire does not like to bend and if it does bend it does not unbend.  Then I poured some of the left over ‘pretty, small, pebbles’ around the bases of the posts.  

Voila! It is finished, for now at least!

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