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Holiday to Adelaide 1st, 2nd

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Saturday 1st June

First we went to an art gallery, getting soaked on the way from the car park. It was interesting but I don’t like most (nearly all) of the ‘modern art’, it looks to me like a kid did it or a waste of paint or just ugly. Sorry to anyone who does like it, but this is my point of view and I have yet to meet someone who does like it. I did like the paintings of Australian scenery, if back at the beginning of Australian history people painted scenery using ‘modern art’ we would have no record of what it actually looked like then. I mostly remember two paintings; one was of a soldier standing in front of his horse. They both looked alive, noble and proud in a beautiful way. The other was done I think by aboriginals but not typical aboriginal art.  From close up it looked like a mess of yuck colours but from the other side of the room it looks like gumtrees, that were standing amongst green grass on the edge of a creek with reflections in it. Next we went to a museum. I liked the photo display and the draws of butterflies, shells and bugs and the display of opalized shells.

Then we went back through the sprinkling rain, to our cousins and had homemade pizza for tea. We played yahtzee, I came third, Daddy won.

Sunday 2nd June

Today we went to the “Holy Trinity Adelaide Church” the sermon was on ‘Joy despite circumstances’. Daddy talked to a few people after church but luckily we were getting cold standing there in the wind so Daddy decided we should go. We were going to go to our cousins ‘baptism’ now we were running late. So we took a turn too early and got lost. We did two u turns one of which was more of a three point turn and right where there was a sign saying no u turning....... and we saw a guy in a car coming out of a nearby driveway shaking his head at us. I can just imagine him wondering if most people from NSW (as our number plate says) are crazy drivers like that. 

We were five minutes late and Daddy was only just in time to do the reading he was meant to do. I was the official photographer which was cool. People photography is not my best point but I took over one hundred photos and everyone seemed to really like them, especially a few of the shots.

Afterwards we walked to our cousin’s place and had fish, chips and some leftover pizza for tea. During tea Daddy asked for the salt, he took it quickly and the top of it, which was loose, flew off and landed with a splash in his orange juice. Daddy was now looking at the salt shaker and trying to figure out how it worked and wondering who threw the olive at him which was bobbing up and down in his juice......everyone at our end of the table was dying with laughter and one of my sisters and I were trying not to choke on the mouthfuls of food we were trying to eat. Not that we succeeded very well. 

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