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Frizzled Fabric Flowers

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Frizzled Fabric Flowers

You will need: material that can be melted, thread, needle, material scissors, a button or beads, a candle and a circle pattern (I used the bottom of a cup for the larger ones and the top of a small container for the smaller ones.)

First you must choose your material; you will need to be able to melt it. I used some thin, gauzy material I picked up at an Op Shop. Note: Op Shops are so useful for getting lots of cool material from and too much if you are not someone I know............. but too much of a good, useful thing is not that bad......

Then cut out about seven circles from the material. You can do more of them or less it doesn’t really matter. But they need to be different sizes the biggest should have a diameter of about 6 ½ cm, again it doesn’t particularly matter. The others should each be smaller than the one underneath. It also doesn’t mater if they are not exactly a circle either, a few of mine certainly weren’t. Cut five snips around the circles to make separate petals, or if you like you can do fewer petals on the smaller ones. Try not to cut too far in.
Now it is time to light the candle. Then frizzle/melt the edges of each layer of the flower one at a time. Try and get all the ‘petals’ to curl up a bit. Don’t get the material right in the flame or-as one of my sisters found out-the material might catch on fire...... Also try and not burn your fingers on the candle or on the newly melted edges, they are both hot.

Once they are all nicely melted, stack them from biggest to smallest. Choose some beads or a button to put in the middle of the flower. One button or bead or three beads looks best.  Then start to sew the layers together and once your thread is secure, start to sew the button or beads on. Put the thread through them a few times to make them more secure.

Now you have a flower. You can sew it onto a clip, headband, or make a few and put them in a bowl, make stalks and put them in a vase or do anything you like. 

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