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The state of my room-

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Is rather awesome right now! 
Well that is if you like sewing. My sisters and I bought a few bags of materials last week so we wanted to make something. I have been mostly making flowers, lots of different sorts. Though as of yet I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them.

Photo taken by my sister Jane
I have also hemmed a skirt which involved putting lots of pins in it and into my fingers!
It also made me realise just how big the skirt was. I also made and attached some loops to put a belt through onto a different skirt.

Alice was flicking through some of my craft magazines and found a cool looking bag in an ad in one. So she decided to try and make it, it worked pretty well. 
As one can probably see from the photos the room does look a bit messy but mostly that is all the bits of material that are everywhere 
Jane had been making (door stopper) snakes, flowers and now is making a bag with Alice. I am also planning on making a bag or a pillow or something but I can’t decide what material to use....there is too much to chose from......

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  1. Heaven!!!!
    Love all that material!
    You and your sisters are great sewers!


  2. Yikes, I don't pay enough attention to your blog, you make two posts, and one of them as a surprisingly similar title to this one at My blog
    All well. My fault that I forgot to Copyright it.

    Although, I wish I could have a decent excuse for the mess in my room... Carry on

    1. You are having the same problem linking to things as I am but I got it to work! If anyone wants to find the post Zicmak is talking about just type .html into the end of the url in the address bar after you try clicking on his link and it should work.