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Smoking Dragon of the Fire.

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It was quite a normal evening I was sitting at the computer. It was Alice’s turn to make tea so the girls were in the kitchen, Daddy was next me and Mummy was lighting the fire. But the fire didn’t want to go. The smell of smoke drifted over to us, we turned around. Thick grey smoke was curling out of the door of the fireplace. Mummy tried banging the door and flapping, it didn’t work.  We thought it should smoke itself out soon but instead the smoke came rushing out faster. Dad and I got up I stood wondering what to do and Daddy tried banging the door too, and closing it but the smoke only got thicker and was filling the room. Mummy and I rescued the washing that was drying (getting nicely smoked) inside. Then I ran to get a jug of water and my camera. Mummy closed doors of the room and went and got some water sprayers. One of my brothers tripped over and started howling. I opened the door to outside to let air in. Then Jane and I went and got some fans to blow the smoke away.

It was pretty exciting and funny and probably didn’t quite happen in that order, but it all happened quite fast. Now the air is only slightly smokey and the fire is going well. The theory is that the soot had built up around the chimney and got heavy and fallen down onto the baffle and over time had mostly blocked the way up the chimney, so the smoke had to come out somewhere. 

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  1. Well, thank goodness nothing caught on fire!


    1. Yes! and it you have a look at (Alice's Blog) you will see we had already attempted to that night!