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Wait don’t you dare to think I am bored I am absolutely not! In fact I do not ever go around saying I am bored like a lot of people I know. My definition of bored is: when one couldn’t be bothered to do anything of any use, or couldn’t be bothered to think of anything to do. Some people say “there is nothing to do, I’m bored” how wrong they are. There is always something to do and it may not always be nice. Read a book, cook something, go for a walk, do some cleaning, mow the lawn, time is valuable. Don’t just mope around the house bothering others with “I’m bored”, do something about it. If you are in a circumstance that won’t allow you to do much pray, talk to God or just sit and be still, sit and think, or just remember, or if you have a pen and paper try writing something. We are here to glorify God and being bored is not bringing any glory to anyone. Find something to occupy yourself; at the least don’t moan about being ‘bored’, moaning won’t help! It is true that sometimes you will just not feel like doing anything, or the things you want to do you can’t. Write a letter to someone, read a Bible verse, or just sit. One rather interesting thing one can do if one has access to the internet is, researching things like who invented birthday cakes, or who invented the internet , or at what temperature does mercury become a solid and all sorts of interesting things, which are much more interesting if you only have to read them and not do any reports on them, which in this case you won’t.

In case you were wondering I was not actually looking for something to do when I started writing this, but was doing other interesting stuff out in the shed. But (Maybe I shouldn’t start a sentence with But, but I have just started with but, or maybe I haven’t exactly.) Anyway I had about had enough of doing that, when I had the idea for this, so I stopped that and started this. I happened to be thinking about ‘bored’ because it appears to have recently come into someone’s mind that I might be bored, in fact they had the audacity to say I might be perpetually bored, thought they did say that was highly unlikely. And I say it has never and will never happen, (me being perpetually bored that is). Anyway if one is bored for too long one becomes flat like a board. I certainly have no wish to be flat and, well, be a bored board, wouldn’t you agree?

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