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Envelope flowers

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Envelope flowers

You will need; most importantly some old envelopes with fancy patterns on the inside of them, you will also need scissors, staples, a stapler and a split pin.

Cut three strips out of the envelope that are about 1 ½ cm wide. Hold one of the strips by an end so you can see the inside of the envelope, then make a loop to the right and come back behind the first end (that you are holding.) Then do the same to the other side. Make both ends of the strip stick out the bottom a bit so you can bend them behind to stop it all coming undone.

Now do the same to the other strips. If you don’t understand what I am saying you can look at the photos and hopefully will be able to work it out from them.

Place the middles of the three lots of ‘petals’ together then put two staple through them all. That may sound easy but that was the probably the hardest bit. Then bend the staples in to make the flower bend a bit. You can put a hole in it then put a split pin through the hole and attach your flower to a card or something else.

You can also cut a thinner strip for the middle. Twist it round in the same way as you did others except make three ‘petals’. Then make a hole in the centre and put a split pin through them all. And you have a flower made from an envelope.

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