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Fancy flowers

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Fancy flowers

You will need; some material, a button, scissors, a needle and thread and something to attach the flower too, like a clip, headband or jumper, or anything else you wish to attach it to.
First cut out five squares, it doesn’t matter what size, big ones will obviously make big flowers and smaller ones will make smaller flowers. Take a square and fold it in half into a triangle. Then secure your thread by sewing in the same place three of four times. Note: you may need to use a double thickness of thread if your material is thick. Then sew up the two sides of the triangle that are open, by pushing the needle back and forth through the material. When you have got to the other side of the triangle pull the thread to gather up the triangle into a ‘petal’.
Now you need to sew in the same place a few times again to make sure the petal doesn’t come un-petaled. You can cut the string if it is too short but if it isn’t you can join the next square (folded into a triangle) onto your first ‘petal’ and then make it into a ‘petal’ the same way.

Once you have all five ‘petals’ join them all together then take some more thread and pull all the petals closer together by sewing from one petal on one side of the circle to another petal on the other side.  Then you can attach a button to the centre of the flower and attach the flower to whatever you want to attach it to. 

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