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The silent Painter

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Me........ silent........ Strange as it sounds yes, mostly anyway. It started...... well I am not sure how it started but anyway we got everything out of Mum and Dad’s room; curtains and all. Then we found the window had got an extra crack in it. So I taped up the crack, we didn’t really want part of the window to just fall out.

On Friday it was Jane’s 12th birthday and we went ice-skating, so that we would be nice and sore for the next day.
A photo Mummy took of me ice-skating
Drop sheets had been laid and we were on our way to destroy the horrid pink room. Actually paint over the horrid pink with white and purple/lilac. But first everything had to be washed with sugar soap....... that is not an easy task; it requires a lot of elbow grease and patience. As it was lots of stuff was still just painted over, like mosquito guts that had rested there unburied for years.  Now the poor mosquitoes have been scrubbed off or buried in purple or white.
We painted all Saturday and had a day off on Sunday then on Monday we were back to work again. Monday was where the silent part came in I had and still have a sore throat. It started Sunday morning but by Monday I could only whisper, which was very annoying. I painted silently and if I wanted anything I had to use words sparingly. While painting lots of interesting subjects can come up and it is extremely hard when one can’t reply, at least not without causing one’s self pain.  Since painting does not involve much thinking and I find that if one spends the day thinking one comes up with interesting thinks. Also it can be useful in figuring out stories one is currently reading.

We had other problems though. Paint problems. First we ran out of white. So we went and bought some more.  Next I found this big puddle of paint on the drop sheets which had soaked through to the carpet, the tin was old and leaked.
Then we ran out of lilac so we got some more of it too. The problem was we had got the wrong base colour and it took us a long time to realize that. We did a whole coat and it dried too dark....... So we went and bought the right one, but as soon as the paint touched the wall disaster. Well not exactly. The last paint colour was ok but not right, but this was, well disgusting.  It was a greyish shade of purple. So back we went to get yet another tin of paint. We only stopped just before tea time, but Daddy went back to painting afterwards.

The nasty coloured paint after I had tried scrubbing it off, unsuccessfully.....
This morning, Tuesday, Alice and I finished painting. Well at least hopefully we finished. Daddy is not yet back from work so we will see if what we have done meets his approval.  Then I suppose we will pull off the masking tape and hope that paint does not come off with it. 

Well at least having a sore throat does not affect typing skills. sorry to bore you but I have been needing to say something somehow.....

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