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Some Ravings on Words

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Words are amazing, the same ones when put into different sequences can give a totally different picture or meaning. Words can mean anything and everything and yet without what they represent, nothing. Just marks on paper or on a screen can draw out strong emotions, they can hurt or heal. Words build bridges that when we walk upon they take us to another place, time, world, without us even moving. 
I did not make this picture, I saw it and thought O yes it is true and I also thought maybe I should warn those who know me of the peril that they are in. 
Exactly what this says, you and any experiences you tell me could somehow end up appearing somewhere amongst a lot of other words that I write, although I don’t exactly write or create the words, I select them and place them in an order and use them to form a story.  I hope when read they will convey meaning and emotion, like any good story should. 

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