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Recently I have made some cushions out of material I have been given as a present and some I got second hand. 
I realized that sewing zips on is much more difficult than it looks. And when it involves pining well pins and fingers...........
I made two that were identical (sort of), then made another with four strips, groups of three is more pleasing to the eye so I made three. 
The mottled red strips on the third cushion is the same material I used for the backs of the cushions.
 They will match the quilt that I will hopefully finish one day........I don’t really know what I'm meant to do with it next.......the Quilt........ but it looks nice......

Note: The Quilt or at least the top of what will be the quilt was put on my bed for the photo...... sadly it doesn't live there.....not yet anyway.

Totally unrelated to above but I just thought I'd mention, for those who enjoyed reading (or at least got some interest out of it) my blog post on The Smoking Dragon Of The Fire. It happened yet again. Sadly I was not present though. Instead I happened to be engrossed in a book In my room. I was interrupted by mummy who sent us to get some fans to try and blow smoke out of the room. 
For those who read this and do not know what I am talking about you will have to read my other post The Smoking Dragon Of The Fire.

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  1. Would the book Happen to be a Ranger's Apprentice book? Or have you finished those now?

    1. As a matter of fact it was but sadly I have finished them now..... except for 8.....
      Have you read any of the Brotherband series?