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The Book Fair

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The book fair started Thursday at 9:00 and that was when we got there..... We came home with a boot load of books. 
Bags of books
We had spent most of the day there looking at books and sorting through the ones we picked up and talking to friends that we hadn’t seen for a while. They had driven for probably more than an hour to get there.
The books I brought home on Thursday
Then today -Saturday- we were back and came home with three green shopping bags full.....very full. They had gone down to $10 per bag instead of certain amounts per sort of book. 
My sisters and I also watched some people, who were watching other people jumping horses. We also watched the horses jumping...... One poor kid just couldn’t convince her stubborn white pony to go over..... no matter how much it got kicked and pushed...... 
The people who were watching other people

One of the people they were watching 
Then when we had got all the books home came the shuffling..... Or the making them fit... it wasn’t easy... but we managed

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