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No Not pizzas for tea-

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the toothpicks are so we remember which side the olives are on,
 only Daddy likes olives. 
 I don’t want to eat two! I only want to eat one. 

Ok actually I only ate half of one, it was my little sister Jane who ate the whole pizza.  We were having pizza because my science said I had to make some, because pizzas (cut ones) have two equal sides (except for when they are cut wonky) like isosceles triangles, and the ‘isos’ in the isosceles triangles is the same as the ‘isos’ in isotopes. Rather un related but a good excuse for pizza. So I made pizzas for tea tonight. Four pizzas which our family of seven didn’t quite finish, even though Jane ate eight pieces! (one pizza) Another interesting thing about two of the pizzas was that the pizzas were two high so when I put them in the oven the cheese stuck to the tray above and sort of stayed there when the rest of the pizza got smaller. Since we can’ just eat any meat I cooked up some mince with taco sauce and stuff and used that to put on the pizzas along with pineapple, tomato paste, sundried tomatoes, cheese, olives, mushrooms and capsicum although not all the pizzas contained everything.  They were really nice thought! Well at least the ones I ate pieces from were. 

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  1. Was the link between isoscleses and isotopes made in your science, or was that a little extra distinction you thought up?

    Oh, and Good on ya, Jane!

    1. Yes the link was made in my science.

  2. Hmmm... that is rather unrelated to science, isn't it? Ha! I don't like olives either. They look really yummy though. Where did Jane manage to fit 8 pieces? I only eat four or five! Have a great day!

    1. I have no idea how she managed to eat so much! But then she normally eats a lot at teatime.